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[email protected]
5/1/2023 9:30:48 AM

Lisa Bonsall
@[email protected] - So glad to hear of your colleagues looking out for one another! Stay well and thank you.
12/21/2020 1:17:50 PM

[email protected]
I read this article the day after a shift where this happened on a COVID patient who was trending up in medical needs, diabetic, high potassium, unable to void, loss of IV and increased oxygen needs, heated high flow maxed out. The other nurses on duty each stepped up to assist me with all the cares the patient needed. This was because of the team in place and I am so thankful for all of them. It is important we take care of each other and step up to help even when someone does not ask for the help. Teamwork is always important for the best care and each nurse has a forte.
12/20/2020 1:33:49 PM