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December 17. 2009 04:02
Its funny, because as a new graduate.. i find myself on this website daily looking up things such as: head to toe assessments, acute abdomen, DKA.. sure we are taught a lot in the 4 years we spend in school, but we are taught so much that we forget... did we learn that? sure we did.. but it never hurts to freshen your skills up!
10/12/2015 10:15:21 AM

Janice Weber, RN, BSN
December 10. 2009 13:54
I recall Benner's book.

Looking retrospectively, I can recall at what time I was at each stage in my career. I am now preparing to enter an MSN program because I realize I need to gain more knowledge.

Nursing is a wonderful profession!
10/12/2015 10:13:47 AM

Mary T McCormick-Gendzel
December 10. 2009 08:19
I believe the author of that work I patricia Benner not Jane. the role of nurse has to remain dynamic each area of practice has unique skills. what I know now is that the more I know the more I know I do not know
10/12/2015 10:12:40 AM

Joyce Archuleta
December 9. 2009 16:36
From novice to expert. I think I have been through the process a number of times. Most recently in the last 5 years of a 24 year career. The experts and resources have changed but the basics never do.United States
10/12/2015 10:12:02 AM