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Lisa Bonsall
Thank you, KatyTea, for sharing your experience and insight! I'm so glad you found your way and are in a work environment that fulfills you.
3/7/2019 8:28:43 AM
I encourage any nurse who can’t remember the last time that nursing “sparked joy” for them to find the courage and discipline to make a change. After five years in Ambulatory Oncology, in a large, regional tertiary hospital, sinking beneath the weight of budget cuts and political point-scoring, I jumped ship. My first job outside the hospital turned out to be a major disappointment. In hindsight it taught me so much about my own values, professional boundaries and determination, that I remain grateful for the experience. The lessons learned led me into Primary Health care and a job in a family owned and operated General Practice. I now work with a small team committed to providing cradle to grave, holistic care. Less money, less security, more responsibility and more autonomy. Yes, it sparks joy. So many of my better-paid friends, clinging to the illusion of a “secure government job” are suffering with depression, burnout, compassion fatigue et cetera. Mostly, I see a loss of meaning, as they report feeling like tiny cogs in the grinding, hulking bureaucracy of healthcare. I can only reiterate this writer’s advice: If your current specialty, setting or role doesn’t “spark joy”, consider re-evaluating your goals and make a change. The energy required to change is nothing compared to the soul-destroying energy drain of doing something you don’t enjoy. You’re worth the effort. Be prepared to fail. Try again. Fail better. As you learn what settings, roles, specialties don’t suit you, the easier it will become to define and find what will bring you joy. My best wishes on your journey. KatyTea, Queensland, Australia.
3/5/2019 11:37:21 PM