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[email protected]
…have been a nurse for almost 20 years and she says it all. Such an inspiring and reassuring message. ❤️Thank you!
2/9/2022 12:32:37 PM

[email protected]
What a Great Topic , melt my Heart. I love it , What I am doing for my Patient and their Family . To keep them comfortable
2/5/2022 5:48:40 PM

[email protected]
It's is a great reflection and voice of each nurse who is compassionate with the profession. One can only love this noble profession if you have chosen to be a nurse with your mind, body, and soul. This review is food for thought for all the nurses to raise their morale and practice the difference we can bring in one's life. Proud to be a nurse
2/2/2022 3:47:36 AM

[email protected]
The reasons listed are all the reasons I love being a nurse!
2/1/2022 8:33:40 PM

[email protected]
I really needed to see this today. I am a nursing student and I graduate in may. With everything going on in the hospitals today, it is easy to forget why I chose this path. I also question if this is what I should do. All the negative comments, videos on staffing, petitions for better work environment, and TikToks of nurses telling horrific stories can grow a seed of doubt in students’ minds. As if nursing school wasn’t hard enough… the stress of wondering if this is a good choice after going through this journey can be very disheartening. So thank you for reminding us why we are here.
2/1/2022 3:29:49 PM