Getting ready for the future of nursing

Have you made any adjustments in your career goals or education plans based on the RWJF and IOM Report , The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, released last October?

I have been away from clinical nursing since 2001. I can’t believe that it has been 10 years. I’ve always believed that someday I would go “back to the bedside” and I really do miss taking care of patients. It’s been a little more noticeable to me lately just how much I miss the clinical side of nursing. I’m not sure if it’s because the fact that it’s been 10 years overwhelms me or because I am excited about the direction in which our profession is headed. Perhaps it’s a little of both.

The question that really gets to me is where do I want to be? Critical care was my home for most of my clinical career.  I loved the thrill of caring for acutely ill patients and their families. Titrating vasoactive drugs, assisting with invasive procedures, using the latest technologies - all so cool! Admissions from the ER, “road trips” to diagnostic tests, end-of-life discussions, and the list goes on…

However, my “other list” is quite impressive to me also. As a women’s health NP, it was so fulfilling to be in the community and make a difference educating women about preventive care. Also, contraceptive counseling, prenatal care and teaching, helping someone find some relief from her symptoms of menopause, and so on…. Primary care practitioners have so much to offer and the need is so great.

The very first key message from the IOM report states “Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.” Does this mean that it is my duty to practice as an NP because I have the degree and license? Would I be disregarding this message by returning to staff nursing in the ICU? I sure hope not. Then again, I could always pursue another degree…critical care NP might be the answer. Now there’s something for me to think about!

Perhaps as we prepare for the future of our profession, we should all take this time to look at our individual goals as well. What is your future in nursing?

Posted: 1/13/2011 2:23:09 PM by Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP | with 2 comments

Lisa Bonsall
July 27. 2012 08:04
Your career has taken some turns too! Your students are lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing your story Susan!

8/6/2015 2:25:29 PM

Susan Susan Hall
July 3. 2012 08:39
I have been nursing for 31 years. I started out in labor and delivery as a staff nurse and move up the ladder to managment. I loved bedside nursing and sharing my knowledge with other student nurses. Five years ago, I was moved to make a move to change. "Nursing practice covers a broad continuum from health promotion, to diseae prevention, to coordination of care, to cure-when possible-and to palliative care when cure is not possible" (Institute of Medicine, 2011). Now, I am working with student nurses preparing them to give safe care. One of these ways is through simulation and hoping to bring more technology to helped them to connect theory with clinical practice.
8/6/2015 2:25:10 PM