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Nursing Ethics is Dead! Trust in the Medical Professionalism has been destroyed by our utter lack of action during the Covid pandemic. We who are entrusted to safeguard our patients / clients right to Voluntary Informed Consent failed miserably. We allowed ourselves to be Mandated and Required to submit to injections in order to keep our jobs. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated and coerced so we could continue to earn a livelihood. That is not the meaning of Voluntary consent. We subjected ourselves to an experimental gene therapy that was not properly trialed or tested - that is not the meaning of Informed. How can we as nurses, doctors, healthcare workers protect the rights of Voluntary Informed consent and be the voice and advocate for peoples when we can not even stand up for our own rights?? If we give up our rights to keep our jobs I ask you how easy it is then for us to overlook the rights of our patients/ clients to keep our jobs? We are all that is standing between the State and their ability to over rule the personal bodily autonomy of the individual. Nurses must not roll over and lay aside our oath to protect the personal bodily autonomy and the sanctity and sovereignty of the individual’s right to make their own decisions regarding their own health. Whether or not they agree with the science or politics that the State sets forth. We can educate to the best of our knowledge and expertise but the choice is still up to the individual. We must be advocates of those too young, too old , too disabled to have a say. We have seen in such a short time the harm, disability and death these vaccines have caused because medical professionals and those who also used science freely , not to promote a political agenda, spoke out and made us aware. Censorship is not the answer to disinformation. Empowering our patients/ clients to make their own Informed and Voluntary decisions is.
2/9/2023 5:24:57 PM