A question about social media and nursing

Since you are here reading this on our blog, chances are you are pretty familiar with the world of social media. You may even have navigated your way here from Facebook, twitter, or another social media “avenue.”

It’s amazing how social media is infiltrating our lives and changing the world in which we live. We have  several blog posts already about social media (see here, here, and here), but now I’m interested in hearing a little bit about how you are using social media in your job. It is clear that social media is here to stay and will begin to play a more prominent role in health care and nursing. In just the past 3 months, we’ve had several articles in our journals dedicated to social media. For nurses, the use of social media gives us another way to communicate with patients, educate the public, and keep our own knowledge up-to-date. We must be mindful of course, to use social media in a professional manner and without violating privacy.

So here’s my question: What role does social media play where you work?

…and here are those recent articles I mentioned:

How Private Is Your Facebook?
Nurse Educator, May/June 2011

Career Scope: Using a blog to improve communication
Nursing Management, June 2011

Using Social Media as an Institutional Resource: Implications for the Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, May/June 2011

Practice Points: Social Media Collaboration Checklist
Advances in Skin & Wound Care: The Journal for Prevention and Healing, July 2011


Posted: 7/28/2011 2:18:40 PM by Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP | with 13 comments

john walker
As we all know that social media has great influence on the young generation. Sometimes it helps in your favor and sometimes it makes situation worst.
11/8/2017 12:37:24 AM

social media is a great platform where one can share their information and get information too.we can stay updated and increase our knowledge using social media
7/18/2017 6:02:22 AM

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