3 Communication Principles

I just came across a great piece on communication in the June 2013 issue of Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing. The author, Lisa A. Miller CNM, JD, is an educator who is “obsessed with communication.” As nurses, I think we all need to have a bit of an obsession with communication – it’s a big part of what we do! How we communicate with patients, caregivers, and our colleagues is important for both patient and staff satisfaction. 

Think about a recent day at work. Now pick an interaction that occurred between you and another person or persons. Was it a positive or negative interaction? Could it have been improved and if so, how? 

In her editorial, Ms. Miller identifies the following 3 principles for communication:

Communication Principle #1: It's not you against them, it's you against you.


Communication Principle #2: Don't take it personally.


Communication Principle #3: Know what you are talking about before you start talking.


Take a few minutes to go back and read the article in its entirety. It’s a quick-read and well worth it!

Miller, L. (2013). Parting Thoughts: Can We Talk? Musings on Communication. Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, 27(2). 

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