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I didn't know about Zika being transmitted sexually. Scary.
9/1/2017 9:40:56 AM

good post.
12/15/2016 1:34:24 AM

Thank you Lisa for the information on Zika. I think it's a great addition to the article published earlier.
12/12/2016 1:30:03 AM

Mark hill
I would like to congrats lisa for the fruitful information about the Zika virus and necessary medical help to treat this fever.
11/21/2016 3:34:51 AM

My Blog
Wow, I as a nurse read this article very attentively. Viruses like Zika are very dangerous and not well-known, which making them even more cruel. Care yourselves
9/1/2016 8:32:24 AM

Cathy Weber
Very good information here, Lisa. Thank you for putting this together.
7/29/2016 9:54:30 AM