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I am a nurse, and have been consuming Kratom for almost two years now, for an injury I sustained. This article has a lot of false information in it. First of all, the FDA is WRONG when they say Kratom has no medical value to it. Also, it could not be further from the truth when it states that Kratom is similar to amphetamines or cocaine. There is so much misconception and mistruth surrounding this natural herb. It is helping over 15 million Americans to live with quality in their lives again. Kratom is a natural and safe alternative to FDA approved opioids. It is less addictive and does not cause respiratory depression. Yet, it is helping people with severe chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. We must learn the true facts about this natural alternative, instead of forming an opinion based on lies, misconception, and hospital politics.
10/17/2019 2:16:53 AM
It would be helpful to understand the full spectrum surrounding political/financial issues related to the FDA and the Kratom Industry. Perhaps an unbiased study?
7/17/2019 2:40:29 PM