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[email protected]
Some well written facts that truly connects with the situation we are all facing now. It's a universal fact that, we as humans, can't live happy or satisfyingly without social interaction. Hence, it's predictable the consequences of social distance imposed during these Covid 19 pandemic days on people at different mental and physical levels.

But do you think that it's only affecting the adults, I mean about the mental issues and depression like thinks? But if you thinks so, it's not. Children are running through such a similar path without being an option to connect and interact with their friends. Schools are closed, family and private gatherings are prohibited, they feel like in a shell and they want to be out of that shell anyway possible.

I'm working as a professional maids trainer where I'm conducting training sessions for maids, nannies, caregivers, private nurses, etc., to help them improve on various areas of their respective jobs. When I interact with my staffs and they are all sharing about the kids in their hired family and how badly these social distancing restrictions are having an influence on their mental well being. I have instructed them to give utmost care to bring in some creative activities like playing interesting games to get the kids engaged and at least make them happy.

We can hope for things to change for better soon.

Anna M
Trainer at
8/29/2020 5:19:53 AM

[email protected]
Facts.... Well said... Everyone should hear and see this loud and clear... Physical not social!!!!
7/29/2020 9:04:12 PM