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[email protected]
I was part of the original research on complexity compression in nursing. It describes exactly what this blog describes . That was done in 2007. It is NO different today. Sadly. Things as simple as including all nurses in unit shift report helps new nurses learn and for them to not feel alone. The concept of patient privacy does not mean secrecy for those caring for the patient or even responding to a code. Hospitals need to listen to their nurses. And value them. Too many times hospital leadership regard nurses as easy to be replaced. Especially if you can’t do everything you are asked to. Unfortunately the nursing organization have focused on adding alphabet soup to credentialing instead of supporting the bedside nurse. Stop. This can be better. Healthcare in America must back nurses or lose them.
11/5/2023 6:44:05 PM

[email protected]
Nurses continue to give up their power to others as we cannot unify for what we need. I have been a nurse for over 40 years and have not seen ANA make a difference on my (or my nurse colleagues). So government will step in and then we will have more problems.
7/2/2023 8:08:40 PM

[email protected]
I am an older nurse. I understand why the changes were made in nursing education but the old diploma programs actually produced practice ready nurses!
7/1/2023 6:04:52 PM