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[email protected]
[email protected]... I could not have said it better. #motivationforchange!!!
6/5/2023 8:03:44 PM

[email protected]
What suggestions do you have for meeting these needs? I am a 66-year-old RN with 35 years of experience. Due to unforeseen health crises, I am unable to retire. I find myself one of those people choosing between groceries, utilities and medicine. I am educated. I have worked since I was 14 years old. I hear a lot of talk about this problem and very little about solutions. It angers me when I see our lawmakers unmotivated to improve the system because they don't have to make those choices. They have the best of everything. In my opinion, it starts there. Motivation for change.
6/1/2023 10:19:23 PM

[email protected]
I was not finished when my blog disappeared. I still had comments to add about what is happening now.
6/1/2023 6:49:43 PM

[email protected]
I am a Registered Nurse and have volunteered at a Free Clinic over twenty years. The people we care for do not have insurance. The clinic runs on donations. The physicians volunteer their time and expertise . Knowing you made a difference provided the positiveness and energy needed and it was exciting . Seeing healthcare ideology working for positive outcomes, patients getting involved with their care and watching the goals being met through the volunteer ancillary services demonstrated good quality care
6/1/2023 6:40:42 PM

[email protected]
Where does the change occur? As Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book "Tipping Point", "What is the tipping point?" What will bring about the necessary changes? I thought if I became involved in nursing education, I could bring about change. Nursing education is not really impacting the healthcare system, but maybe with the new Essentials, they will aim more toward prevention and not totally acute care. Population health courses have four credits, and medical-surgical nursing has two credits. I thought Obama Care would bring about changes, but did it? Everyone blames the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies for the problems, but are they or how much do these companies contribute to the problem? Lately, I have been reading about organ donations and how the allocation of organs is done since that is an acceptable system with limited resources. I have not reached a conclusion. I agree that medicine needs to work interprofessional and to my knowledge, there is no organization that includes all professions except simulation. I am involved in state and local politics, not so much national politics. I guess feel I have no to minimal direction. I know I have been rambling, but this topic is near and dear to my heart. Thanks for bringing up this subject.
6/1/2023 5:22:26 PM