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[email protected]
Thank you.
7/7/2018 7:27:37 PM

[email protected]
I have experienced this many times over my long career of greater than 25 years of staff nursing. I agree, nursing is stressful enough without added burdens placed upon staff from peers. To cope, I concentrate on patient care and try not to acknowledge this pointless behavior. Unless it directly impacts patient safety and or the impression patients have of their caregivers, I don't take the time to validate these people. It's not worth it. If I have to address unprofessional behavior, you take the discussion AWAY from patient care areas.
I work in an outpatient recovery room, and believe me, patients and families can see what is going on, and how staff relate to each other; both positively and negatively.
Compassion for both patients and towards co-workers should be foremost on a caregiver's mind, no matter what position they hold!
7/7/2018 7:27:00 PM

[email protected]
Excellent Video.
7/7/2018 5:47:38 PM

Lisa AFI
I have been subject to this kind of behavior. I feel it stems from insecurities in the bully. I have always been very confused by this behavior, because I know that no matter what job we are doing, we must all work together for the positive goal. The health, and well being of the patient.
Jealousy is another aspect of this behavior. I have been witness to this many times. If ones knowledge seems to be in depth then another nurses', you can bet that nurse will develop a dislike for the one whos knowledge he or she is envious of. Instead of facing this with green eyed jealousy, just start reading, any thing and every thing to build up your own wealth of knowledge. One can not obtain knowledge with out learning it.
Imagine how wonderful a work place could be with every one working together to get the job done. Bickering, backstabbing, nastiness, jealousy, these are not traits that should be in nursing. The number one trait that makes a person a true nurse, weather LPN, or RN, is COMPASSION. If you don't truly have compassion, your are in the wrong field. Compassion for the patient, and also as important, compassion for co-workings in all departments in the nursing field.
7/5/2018 10:20:58 AM