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Jessy Joseph
I agree with your post. Nurses are the Safety Net. Nurses are the soul to any health care organizations. They are on the frontline- assessing, planning, implementing, administering and evaluating patients while keeping patients safe.
11/15/2017 8:07:34 PM

debbie ockhuis
I agree 100% that nurses are the safety nets, but I grapple with the mindset of nurses who occupy in charge positions and think it is their RIGHT to terrorize and bully nurses under their leadership to ensure safe patient care occurs. Do they stop and think for a minute that this type of leadership instills more fear and anxiety in nurses as they deliver nursing care? Do they stop to think aggressive leadership makes nurses under their guidance more prone to errors, placing patient care at a greater risk? Do they stop to think their penalty of financial punishment for patient safety errors, results in a higher level of under reporting and lies telling if staff caught out? Do they stop to think if they stop bully, terrorizing and stop financial penalty, and instead be mindful, respectful and promote an open culture of reporting, that maybe patient safety will improve and reduce the number of patient errors occurring?
12/1/2016 1:32:19 PM

Sarah D. Scudder
Yes, I totally agree with this tittle "nurses are the safety nets" in every hospital. For safety measures, one of the most important thing is clothes, nurse need to wear clean scrubs because they are the one who take care of patients with proper precautions. Keeping the scrub bacteria free, they need to change it twice a day. One of my friends, profession is a nurse and she used to change her scrubs daily. Few months ago, she told me about one online store <a href="">Salus Uniforms</a> for nursing scrubs and she has a nice collection of it.
11/5/2016 2:41:49 AM

Cathy Weber
Couldn't agree more with how important nurses are in this world. They are truly living angels.
10/31/2016 2:17:27 PM