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Thank you for sharing your experience Wendy. I am a critical care nurse as well. I found in my hospital we did not have as much support from administration as it sounds you had at your hospital. We did, however, support each other and become cohesive. Unfortunately we are still experiencing some of the stresses since they decided to make us the medical/covid ICU. we have not gotten a break all year. I also found although we were experiencing many of the same stresses, fears, and physical issues we did not start verbalizing and sharing them with each other until this past December- Jan. Fyi- Something that I found very helpful is using Boroleum ointment just inside my nares or above my lips to help open my nasal passages. My nasal passages swell and feel clogged with masks, this helps open me up instantly. I even bought some for my co-workers and did a testimonial for the company. I love this stuff! Hope my blog helps someone else. Thank you again for sharing your story.
5/30/2021 1:28:56 PM