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[email protected]
More information is never too much information.
6/20/2022 8:29:37 PM

[email protected]
I think explaining and educating is very helpful and is a patient safety best practice. If you do not explain or you shut down questions, nurses may not question or ask questions. Questions are a good thing in healthcare.
6/8/2022 12:27:22 AM

[email protected]
I think you are involving the team by explaining your decisions. It is an asset; Please keep doing it and encourage others to do so as well.
6/5/2022 8:08:41 PM

[email protected]
I think this is a great concept. It opens the barriers we, as nurses, can often experience when communicating our concerns. I love educational input!!
6/3/2022 5:16:56 PM

Nurses who are offended by being offered rationales for orders may fear their lack of knowledge being discovered. Knowledge helps the nurse better prioritize his/her responsibilities. And prioritizing is key to competent patient care.
I recall taking report from a night nurse in ICU. The patient was on a ventilator and not tolerating their tube feeding. The nurse relayed that she only had time to give the patient one of their two ivpb meds scheduled for 6am. She informed me they were both meds for the GI tract so she didn't think she needed to give both. She opted to give pepcid and withhold the reglan. Clearly she did not understand the actions of the two drugs.
I also recall overhearing a fellow nurse giving report about a patient with an old spinal cord injury. During report the nurse being relieved explained to the nurse coming on that this patient was potentially at risk for spinal cord syndrome and she reviewed common signs and important first actions. I thought to myself that this kind of information should be included in every patient hand-off situation.
The more we can help each other understand why we do what we do and how it affects the patient, the better we will all be as nurses.
5/24/2022 2:14:10 AM

[email protected]
This article was quite interesting and that I am a Registered Nurse now Nurse-Supervisor with 20 plus years experience and it's something I find myself doing to get the junior RNs more involved with Patient care. Kudos to the author.
5/21/2022 12:40:05 PM