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Thanks for sharing. My first experience in a community clinic was 2 years into my nursing career. Without a doubt, that is when my perception of healthcare and my passion for preventative care started. I agree that education is one of the greatest ways we as nurses can really make a difference in the preventative care model. Unfortunately, that’s not how our licenses are typically utilized in an outpatient setting. We usually become the lead or some for of leadership and our true ability to directly and positively impact patient outcomes dwindles. That’s also how I started to realize how under utilized nurses are being used as the primary supporters and deliverers of awareness for health and wellness. We are either at the beside in an acute care setting, hardly ever having time to sit and make lasting positive impacts for the patients future, or in leadership roles with the world on our shoulders and defeat at our feet.
There has to be a better way and I know it’s nurses who will figure out what that is!!
6/12/2023 12:20:27 AM