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Great blog post shared. Thanx.
8/23/2017 1:44:08 AM

Diane Kordas
I am an RN, BSN and started using "food as medicine" after having problems with pain and neuropathy - cause unknown. While desperately researching to find answers so that I could keep functioning, I read an article in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition about histamine intolerance. This was revolutionary for me. I thought I had been following an anti-inflammatory diet, but the tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, nuts, whole grains and other "healthy" foods were not helping me at all and I was experiencing increasingly more pain and losing function. I tried the low histamine diet which included becoming gluten free. Since then, my neuropathies have just about resolved. I finally found a neurologist who was open minded about non celiac gluten sensitivity and who is interested in exploring Mast Cell activation syndrome and histamine intolerance. I have been experiencing joint and muscle pain, neuropathies, and odd cardiac irregularities intermittently for years. Tests were inconclusive and frustratingly normal. Thank you Journal of Clinical Nutrition. I would be very interested in co-writing articles involving chronic illness. I have had patients that have related that they "eat right" and follow a "healthy diet", yet still have issues with pain, some with neuropathies. I would be interested in working with a nutritionist and finding out how many chronically ill patients are affected by histamine issues that are preventing them from achieving the highest level of functioning possible. I have done so much research regarding diet and effects on inflammation and illness I would love to share. Or, if there is a nutritionist researching histamine intolerance/histaminosis, I would be interested in working with him/her.
11/24/2015 10:25:18 AM