Inspired Nurses Calendar 2017: Beautiful Colors

Lippincott is partnering with Lippincott Solutions to bring you an inspired nurse’s story every month. Here is October’s nurse story, “Beautiful Colors.” 

Beautiful Colors
Leeann Vidt, R.N. supervisor
Oakmont Center for Nursing
beautiful-colors_october-2017.jpgAs all life must come to an end, some families find it difficult to face emotionally. I observe them looking scared to talk with or touch a dying loved one, so I will often enter the room, sit on the bed, and take the patient’s hand in mine, then I will ask them if they think the fall leaves are beautiful with all those wonderful colors. They always answer, yes, and look at me puzzled. I then tell them that those leaves are actually dying and that something so beautiful should not be feared. I tell them the greatest gift to give their loved one is loving memories. I ask starter questions, such as what their favorite vacation or holiday spent together was. As they answer with smiles across their lips, I quietly exit the room and close the door. Nothing warms my heart like hearing the laughter behind that door. And then after the patient passes, I am thanked for making the passage from this life a better memory for them. I tell them that their loved one left within a circle of love, just as they had lived.

This is why I love nursing. To be able to help someone change such a scary situation into a sweet memory, makes those difficult, stressed shifts well worth my nursing cap.

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