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[email protected]
A well written article that was very informative.
6/3/2022 4:47:23 PM

So some years ago I went to my managers office at the end of my shift to let them know I wouldn’t be returning. I was asked if it was the stress of going to a computer based system (which I had previously used for many years at another facility). I I formed her it was because of the toxic atmosphere, the lack of respect for patients or staff, inadequate staffing, InadequTe hand washing facilities, inadequate housekeeping, working extra unpaid hours after a shift to provide basic services to patients like baths, etc. many other nurses contacted me and said they wished they were in a financial position to do the same (not that I was). I see that in the years since nurses at that so called faith based facility have struck for improved nurse patient ratios and working conditions a few times.
10/3/2019 11:32:35 AM