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[email protected]
The final paragraph of this work truly emphasizes the technology gap and how quickly it morphs into something else, often with no formal upscaling of the nurses' knowledge base. Simulations are becoming more ubiquitous in nursing schools, but not in the clinical arena. Preparing the next generation of nurses is a formidable task, demanding the integration of theory and practice. Nurses are teachers, and need the opportunity to participate in that preparation.
1/11/2022 7:20:55 PM

[email protected]
All nursing educators should play they roles in (a) embracing the usefulness of technology such as communicate through online platforms, (b) demonstrate competence in assessing student's performance, (c) confident while transferring knowledge & skills without using pen, paper, whiteboard or face to face, (d) engage actively with virtual learning applications to facilitate learning with students and (e) be responsible to help students in adjusting themselves with nursing skills/live simulation/case-based scenarios after long period of haven't' apply the skills in clinical practice due to the massive outbreak in 2020.
1/5/2021 2:07:20 AM