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Still love her so much.!
3/16/2017 2:48:11 AM

Miss Johnson made me proud. Her dedication and love of her profession is the reason nurses have been voted the most trusted profession in over 12 years straight. Joy and the View demonstrated their lack of knowledge, in particular healthcare knowledge. Come on Joy....even patients have stethoscopes LOL!
The aftermath responses hopefully have served to enlighten the View and many others. As nurses we must continue to educate our patients and the world at large about who and what we we are very, very special and irreplaceable profession indeed!
12/24/2015 4:28:24 PM

Selinda Smith
Since when does a stethoscope belong exclusively to the doctor? It is a piece of medical equipment used by nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and more. What a ludicrous comment by The View. But then again, just consider the source! Miss Colorado's monologue hits to the heart of every nurse out there.
12/17/2015 1:58:23 PM

I hope we can keep the momentum going, sharing with the public our role in health care and continuing to be supportive of each other
9/28/2015 4:47:41 PM

Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP
Hi Beth - You are so right! This momentum is surely something and I hope it continues too.
Keep up your good work sharing your voice for nursing and mentoring new nurses!
9/19/2015 1:45:57 PM

Beth hawkes
I am almost ready to thank Joy for her remarks which are rallying and uniting nurses. I hope we can keep the positive momentum going. Thanks for sharing, Lisa
9/18/2015 1:27:57 PM

Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP
Thank you Miz Norma!
9/17/2015 5:48:20 PM

Nurse LMB!
~~your chosen profession is "in the NEWS" --!!
->we can say these 2 televised incidents (Nation-wide) have certainly raised "awareness" of the (VITAL!) global-wide! IMPORTANCE of the Nursing profession. (And that's "a good thing" !😍)
(for me, the WOMEN of "theVIEW became annoying with their "arrogance" -long ago! (I do not watch "THE VIEW", so I missed their •ridiculous•"put-down")
your Family&Friends are so very proud of your(&your husband's) participation in our MEDICAL community.
(AND->Congrats! on creating/sharing THIS impressive/informative BLOG!)
❤️fr: Miz NORMA
9/16/2015 1:59:06 PM