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Nurses impact healthcare in many roles and across practice settings. Nurses consider the social determinants of health to provide holistic care, they strive to promote health equity, and from the bedside to the boardroom, the leadership of nurses impacts change.

Lippincott NursingCenter is here to help you pursue and achieve your professional goals while optimizing patient care and outcomes. Learn about issues and trends in nursing in our monthly From the Desk of the Chief Nurse series and delve into our professional nurse resources below.

From the Desk of the Chief Nurse

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It’s Time to Address Health Equity for All

Not long ago, I took care of a patient with a disease that should have been prevented. They should have received screening and treatment and lived their life. Instead, their life was cut short. I grieve for this person. I grieve because our system could have done better. I am not alone; we see these cases every day. The question is are you willing to take a stand and try to make the system better? Is your healthcare organization ready to change the narrative from healthcare equality to health equity for all? Keep reading...


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