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Nurses impact healthcare in many roles and across practice settings. Nurses consider the social determinants of health to provide holistic care, they strive to promote health equity, and from the bedside to the boardroom, the leadership of nurses impacts change.

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From the Desk of the Chief Nurse

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Nursing Workforce Numbers are Improving: 4 Ways to Maintain the Momentum

If you’re like me, you look for good news about the nursing profession. We finally received some good news from researchers tracking the registered nurse (RN) workforce! In a recent study by Auerbach et al. (2024), we are finally seeing an improvement in RN numbers and nurses under the age of 35 are leading that growth. In fact, nurses between the age of 35 to 49 years are 38% of practicing nurses today and will account for nearly half of the workforce by 2035 (Auerbach et al., 2024). This is welcome news for our workforce; however, the research revealed a shift away from nurses practicing in hospitals to ambulatory and community settings. Keep reading...

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