Nursing Issues and Trends

As a nursing student and soon-to-be nurse, it is important to be aware of current issues and trends in the profession. Nursing and health care are constantly changing; being mindful of this and knowing how and where to stay updated is critical. These resources from Lippincott have been carefully selected to support you as you prepare for your nursing career.  

*CoursePoint Students: After your course has ended, these articles will remain available to you in your File Drawer; simply click "My Files" after logging in to Lippincott NursingCenter. 

In addition to the articles below, the following nursing tips and blogs below are important resources for this course. 

Topic 2: Nursing & Healthcare Delivery Systems 
Nursing Tips from Nursing Center
Nursing orientation: What to know for your job search [Blog post]

Topic 5: Code of Ethics & Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance: The Elusive Golden Ring [Blog post]

Topic 11: Nursing Research
Using the art and science of nursing to fight the opioid crisis [Blog post]

Topic 12: Political Issues in Nursing & Health Care Policy
Nursing Now – A Global Campaign to Raise the Profile of Nursing [Blog post]