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Breast-feeding, Kangaroo care, Infant care, Infant, premature



  1. Moran, Meghan ND, CNM
  2. Radzyminski, Sharon G. MSN, CNS
  3. Higgins, Kathy R. PhD(c), CNS, C
  4. Dowling, Donna A. PhD, RN
  5. Miller, Martha J. PhD, MD
  6. Anderson, Gene Cranston PhD, RN, FAAN


Kangaroo care (KC) for preterm infants is becoming well known in the United States. Typically, KC is given by mothers in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) beginning days or weeks postbirth. This case report documents KC beginning at 4.5 hours postbirth with a healthy mother whose 32-week, 1,953 gram infant required initial care in the NICU. The nurse's role in supporting this care is described. Both parents experienced KC with their son and were soon convinced of the exceptional benefits he received. The infant was transferred to intermediate care on Day 2, regained his birth weight by Day 12, was discharged home on Day 21. He was breast-feeding exclusively at 40 weeks corrected age, and had Bayley mental and motor development scores within normal limits at 6 months corrected age.