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Fantasy, Pregnancy, Prenatal Care



  1. Sorenson, Dianna Spies PhD, RN, CNS
  2. Schuelke, Peggy MS, RN, FNP


Purpose: This investigation sought to describe how pregnant women fantasize about their unborn children.


Methods: A questionnaire using one open-ended question was given to 210 pregnant women in childbirth education classes. The final sample was 184. Content and matrix analyses were used to identify evidence of fantasy patterns in primiparas and multiparas, as well as patterns among the three gestational trimesters.


Results: Results indicate that fantasies have a developmental component across gestational trimesters and differ between multiparas and primigravidas. Ten major themes were derived.


Implications: Routine assessments of prenatal fantasy might help to promote healthy behaviors in pregnant women and enhance positive interpersonal relationships between the provider and client. Future research is needed to discern the impact of antenatal fantasies on maternal role development.