1. Hotta, Tracey BScN, RN, CPSN

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I am thrilled to be taking on another exciting challenge for American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses. I have submitted articles to PSN but did not envision that I would one day become the editor. The PSN journal was established in 1980 under the editorial guidance of Dr. Joyce Black. The journal gradually developed into a highly respected journal that was seen as the 'go to" resource for plastic surgical nurses. Joyce's outstanding commitment lasted for 24 years. In 2004, the editor's baton was then passed on to Kathleen Spencer-Walsh, who in turn passed it to Candise Flippin. These dedicated women, along with their editorial board members, did an incredible job to ensure that the standards and professionalism of the journal was maintained.

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The journal journey may have begun as a dirt road, but over the years, a well-paved highway has been built. Now the challenge is to identify ways to increase the traffic on our highway. We also need to develop more roads, as we explore new areas within the plastic surgery field. Although my sense of direction is not strong, I do have my Global Positioning System (my editorial board) to assist in attaining my goals of increased visibility, maintaining the high quality of articles and highlighting new trends within the industry.


As a board, we have identified two focus issues for 2011. The spring issue will focus on Aesthetic Surgery-Procedures and Potential Complications. These articles will be coordinated with the Annual Aesthetic Symposium being held in Boston on May 10, 2011. The fall focus issue will concentrate on aspects of Skin Health. The journal will include articles on various skin rejuvenation techniques and skin cancer prevention and treatment.


I would like to extent a sincere thank to my board members Dawn, Marcia, Jill, and Susan, who have committed their valuable time and expertise to maintain this journal as the leading resource for plastic surgical nursing. I also thank my Department Chairs Luann, Marcia, Dawn, Leigh, Darlene, and Susan for agreeing to contribute to each quarterly issue, so there will be consistency within the journal. Last, but not least, are the reviewers who are responsible to review each submitted article to ensure that the information you read is accurate and the content is appropriate for the members.


It is an honor and a privilege to be your new editor. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].




Tracey Hotta, BScN, RN, CPSN


Editor, PSN