1. Jumpp, Darlene BSN, RNFA, CNOR, CPSN

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This first year as president was a humbling learning experience. It has given me a new prospective on how much dedication and hard work is involved in serving on an organizational board. I want to thank the board for all their support. The board members are Sheri Levin, treasurer; directors: Christine Brajkovich, Jacqueline Frazee, Jo Ann Garofalo, and Renee Hinojsa. I also want to give special thanks to Shay Stephens from the National office for always being available. She has been a wonderful resource.

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I want to acknowledge the ASPSN board, the planning committee, and our management staff for providing us with an exceptional meeting in Toronto, Canada. Great Job!!


I would like to remind those who are due for recertification in 2011, two patient safety continuing education units will be included as a requirement. For those who attended the convention in Toronto, this will not be an issue, most presenters covered patient safety.


We also have an exciting year ahead with a lot on our agenda. There is a task force in place developing recommendations for a nonsurgical Aesthetic Nurse Certification.


This is a huge undertaking and very expensive. It will take a lot of planning, writing an examination, developing a core curriculum, and setting up review courses. We will need to find financial sponsorship and/or grants to help us accomplish this goal.


According to our survey, we conducted last year there is a lot of interest for developing an Aesthetic Nurse Certification.


I will keep you informed about our progress. Be sure and check the CPSN corner in the newsletter.