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  1. Kanda, Akira PhD


The term "shoku-iku" (food education) has been widely used in Japan for several years. Shoku-iku provides the fundamental elements necessary for healthy and active lives. The basic concept of food education is to provide society with the essential knowledge, morality, and physical activity to promote a healthier lifestyle, to provide the necessary education concerning foods and their ingredients so that people will be able to select meals that are suitable for a healthy life. It is important to learn these 3 steps of shoku-iku by implementing a program of education that is easily understandable to the general citizens and by putting into practice the elements of shoku-iku that are available to all of Japanese. Shoku-iku is the learning of substantial knowledge of foods, the practical activity of selecting foods that are favorable to our health, and the provision of health education to promote an advanced quality of life for all of Japanese persons