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Child health, Community-based participatory research, Participatory research, Youth.



  1. Vaughn, Lisa M. PhD
  2. Wagner, Erin MS
  3. Jacquez, Farrah PhD


Objective: To review published studies that use an authentic community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach in child health to highlight the benefits, barriers, and scope of this approach with pediatric populations.


Method: Studies using CBPR in child health were identified using PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science through MeSH heading and keyword searches. Keywords included "community-based participatory research" and "child," "youth," and "adolescent." Literature reviews and community-placed articles were excluded.


Results: A total of 34 CBPR studies focused on child health were identified and analyzed for this review. The most common child health issue in these studies was obesity/diabetes. Other child health topics included health needs assessments, reproductive health, female health, HIV treatment, physical activity, mental health, maternal/child health, substance abuse, asthma, and youth with disabilities/special healthcare needs.


Implications/Conclusion: CBPR offers a unique approach for translating evidence-based models and research knowledge from child health into effective and sustainable interventions.