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Float nurse, Nurse staffing, Obstetric services, Rural hospitals, Work environment.



  1. Fye, Paula RNC-OB
  2. Nellis, Deborah L. DNP, RN, LNCC


Purpose: The purpose of this process improvement project in a rural community hospital with a small volume perinatal service was to foster a cooperative working environment between the obstetric and medical-surgical nursing teams and promote quality nursing care by evaluating, revising, and clearly defining the obstetric float nurse role.


Scope of the Problem: Members of the obstetric and medical-surgical nursing team were convened to evaluate the obstetric float nurse role and develop plans for improvement. Nurses from both units participated in a written survey before and after the project was completed. Based on issues identified from review of the surveys and group discussion, a guideline was developed that defined the expectations and responsibilities of the obstetric float nurse on the medical-surgical unit.


Result: The redesigned obstetric float nurse role helped nurses of both units understand the expectations and responsibilities of the obstetric float nurse and promoted better working relationships. An additional benefit was improved communication regarding care and needs of the medical-surgical patients.


Clinical Implications: Clearly defined obstetric float nurse guidelines were successful in our small rural community hospital and may be of benefit to other similar volume perinatal units.