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  1. Gomez, Pierrick PhD
  2. Mariani, Sabine Boesen PhD
  3. Lambert, Jean-Louis PhD
  4. Monrozier, Romain PhD


This research aimed at assessing the impact of a water intervention program on fluid intake over a 12-month period in free-living conditions. A total of 178 French women with low fluid intake habits were enrolled in a short-term program from 4 weeks' to 4 months' duration including home deliveries of bottled water and educational content on water and health. Fluid intakes were assessed at baseline and at 2, 6, and 12 months. Results show a significant improvement in total fluid intake mainly from water intake over 12 months. An intervention program combining bottled water supply and educational information is efficient to increased sustainably water intake among low drinkers in free-living conditions.