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  1. Hayes, Dayle MS, RD
  2. Spano, Marie MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD
  3. Donnelly, Joseph E. EDD, FACSM
  4. Hillman, Charles H. PhD
  5. Kleinman, Ronald MD


There are compelling reasons to address both the health and academic success of American children today. In 2012, the GENYOUth Foundation convened a Nutrition + Physical Activity Learning Connection Summit of scientists, academics, corporate executives, students, and government and nongovernment leaders to examine the research and develop practical approaches to enhance children's health and their readiness to learn. Although improving children's eating habits and physical activity levels clearly leads to multiple health benefits, the impact of nutrition and physical activity on academic success is less well known, particularly among administrators, educators, and parents. A growing body of evidence from research and school programs suggests that daily breakfast and an active school day can improve students' classroom performance and academic achievement. A bank of potential 30/90-day action steps, generated by the Learning Summit attendees, makes it clear that everyone has an important role to play in improving nutrition and physical activity in schools.