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  1. Myers, Esther F. PhD, RDN, FAND


Recent publicity of the "new" findings of the "Swedish Review" sets the stage for misunderstanding about the actual systematic review results regarding whether low-carbohydrate diets are the best approach to obtain weight loss. When the actual systematic review is read, understood, and compared side-by-side to other reviews on similar topics, it becomes clear that the media hype is not warranted. Other reviews published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library in 2006 explored the same question and came to similar conclusions. When advice to follow a low-carbohydrate diet is compared with advice on other strategies for modifying your dietary intake to lose weight, there is short-term weight loss advantage at 6 months; however, this difference disappears by 12 months. Clinicians and policy makers must consider both short- and long-term results. We owe it to the public to accurately represent the findings of evidence-based reviews.