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  1. Pelchat, Marcia L. PhD
  2. Bryant, Bruce PhD
  3. Cuomo, Rosario MD
  4. Di Salle, Francesco PhD
  5. Fass, Ronnie MD
  6. Wise, Paul PhD


Carbonated beverages (sweetened soft drinks and beer) are undeniably popular, accounting for nearly 3/4 of packaged beverage sales in 2005 despite recent inroads by still drinks such as bottled waters, sports drinks, and teas.1,2 At its peak in 1998, consumption of carbonated beverages was 207.7 L per person per year in the United States.3 Effervescent libations can be quite complex with ingredients including sugars, alcohol, high-intensity sweeteners, and acids. However, the main purpose of this review was to summarize scientific information on the perception and health effects of their 1 common ingredient, dissolved carbon dioxide.