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  1. Jeffery, Elizabeth H. PhD
  2. Brown, Allan F. MS
  3. Kurilich, Ann C. PhD
  4. Wallig, Matthew A. DVM, PhD
  5. Klein, Barbara P. PhD
  6. Kushad, Mosbah M. PhD
  7. Juvik, Jack A. PhD


Broccoli varieties vary in their content of bioactive components. Among 50 varieties evaluated, antioxidant vitamin levels varied twofold (ascorbate) to tenfold (carotenoids). Glucosinolates varied thirteen-fold. Content of aliphatic glucosinolates was regulated more by genetic (61%) than environmental (5%) factors, whereas indolyl glucosinolates were less influenced by genetic factors (12%) than by environmental factors (33%). The implications of these findings are discussed.