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  1. Pepin, Abigail
  2. Fleischhacker, Sheila PhD, JD


One way to explore being a nutrition scientist and to acquire skills in nutritional science research is through a nutritional science research internship. These types of internships can be invaluable learning and networking opportunities for high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, dietetic interns, postdoctoral fellows, or others exploring a new career path or a deeper understanding of research or another nutritional science research sector. Given the interdisciplinary nature of nutritional sciences, these types of opportunities can be pursued by students and professionals studying and working in a range of disciplines such as, but not limited to, agricultural, animal sciences, anthropology, behavioral economics, biochemistry, environmental sciences, kinesiology, law and policy, molecular biology, pathophysiology, physiology, psychology, regional and urban planning, sociology, and soil sciences. This article provides tips on how to effectively seek out, apply to, and hopefully successfully obtain an internship relevant to nutritional science research. We also put forth recommendations on how to make the most of this important step in your development as a budding nutrition and health professional!