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New Members of ILSI Board of Trustees

At its annual meeting in January 2016, ILSI North America (ILSI NA), new members of the Board of Trustees were elected. They include the following: Steve Rizk, PhD, Mars, Inc, president of the Board, who took the helm from Dr. Rhona Appelbaum, prior president, who has retired from Coca-Cola. Other officers elected were Frank Sabella, Mondelez International Vice President; and Richard Lane, PhD, PepsiCo Inc, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board. The following individuals were elected as new members of the executive committee: Stephanie Atkinson, PhD, McMaster University; Kathryn Boor, PhD, Cornell University; and Kerr Dow, PhD, Cargill Inc. Also elected to the Board were Connie Avramis, Unilever; Michael McBurney, PhD, DSM Nutritionals, Margaret Creedon, Abbott Nutrition; Arti Arora, The Coca-Cola Company; Michael Doyle, PhD, University of Georgia; Andrew Maynard, PhD, Arizona State University; Gabriella Parisse, Tate and Lyle; Stella Volpe, PhD, Drexel University; Elizabeth Westrring, PhD, General Mills; and Tracey Reynolds, PhD, Monsanto. Congratulations to all!


Movers and Shakers

In addition, ILSI NA also honored 2 individuals with their Movers and Shakers Award for outstanding work as a volunteer. They are Paul Hanlon, PhD, who is associate director of Regulatory Affairs at Abbott Nutrition, and Kristin Rubin, PhD, who led the Kraft Heinz Company's North American nutrition team.


Special recognitions were also given at ILSI to 4 individuals for their work on various committees as advisors. They were Elizabeth Johnson, PhD, of Tufts University, and John Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Two other committee members were also honored: Christine Pelkman, PhD, of Campbell soup, and Kari Ryan, PhD, former director of Scientific, Nutrition, and Regulatory Affairs for Kraft Foods Group.


ILSI Future Leader Awardees

Katherine Bauer, PhD, MS, of the University of Michigan, was the first awardee this year. She is studying the role of families in child and adolescent obesity, including a study exploring nutritional and metabolomics pathways linking chronic stress and childhood obesity.


Benjamin Willing PhD, the second awardee, is an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta in Canada. His current work involved establishing the causal beneficial role of microbes in diet-microbe host interactions in metabolic disease.


ILSI Life Sciences Institute Global Activities

Several new members also joined the ILSI Life Sciences Institute, which is the governing body for global activities in ILSI. They Include Tracey Reynolds, PhD, Monsanto; Connie Weaver, PhD, Purdue University; and Elizabeth Westring, PhD, General Mills. In addition to these individuals, the following were also elected: Mr Geoff Smith of Asia Pacific; Prof Gerhard Rechkemmer of Europe/Africa; Dr Scott Belanger, Dr Ernie Harpur, Dr Serrine Lau, and Dr Tim Pastoor of the Health and Environmental Science Institute; Dr Teruo Miyazawa of Asia Pacific North ILSI; Dr Tracey Reynolds of ILSI NA; and Dr Josette Lewis and Ivonne Rietjens of the ILSI Research Foundation.


Young Investigators Awarded Grants During Clinical Nutrition Week

Every year at Clinical Nutrition Week, the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) Rhoads Research Foundation recognizes emerging investigators and awards them with research grants. It is the hope of the foundation that with the grant, these individuals will have an opportunity to leverage this experience when moving on to seek larger grants. Congratulations to the 2016 ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation Grantees:


* Gregory Guthrie, PhD, US Department of Administration Children's Nutrition Research Center, Houston, Texas


* Jayshil Patel, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


* Kate Walton, PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


* Darla Shores, MD, Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland


* Adam Kuchnia, MS, RD, University of Minnesota, St Paul, Minnesota


* Robert Bandsma, MD, PhD, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada



Best of luck to all these outstanding investigators in the next year and in their careers in clinical nutrition research!



Mary Ellen Collins

Nutrition Today notes with sadness the death of Mary Ellen Collins, MS, EdD, RD, long-time director of dietetics and nutrition and of the dietetic internship at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, until her retirement in 1998. She was well known for her interest in public health and community nutrition as well as dietetics and medical nutrition therapy in acute care settings. She was active for many years in the American Dietetic Association and received several awards for her service to the dietetics profession. Mary Ellen received her bachelor's degree from Framingham State University and her master's degree from Tufts University. She was a key staff member of the White House Council on Food, Nutrition, and Health of 1969. She also served as a Winston Churchill Fellow at the University of London and a World Health Organization Fellow in New Zealand and Thailand.



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