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  1. Iskander, John MD, MPH
  2. Bang, Gail MLIS
  3. Stupp, Emma MLS
  4. Connick, Kathy MSLS, MA
  5. Gomez, Onnalee MS
  6. Gidudu, Jane MD, MPH


Objective: To describe scientific information usage and publication patterns of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Health Library and Information Center patrons.


Design: Administratively collected patron usage data and aggregate data on CDC-authored publications from the CDC Library for 3 consecutive years were analyzed.


Setting: The CDC Public Health Library and Information Center, which serves CDC employees nationally and internationally.


Participants: Internal patrons and external users of the CDC Library.


Main Outcome Measure(s): Three-year trends in full-text article publication and downloads including most common journals used for each purpose, systematic literature searches requested and completed, and subscriptions to a weekly public health current literature awareness service.


Results: From 2011 to 2013, CDC scientists published a total of 7718 articles in the peer-reviewed literature. During the same period, article downloads from the CDC Library increased 25% to more than 1.1 million, completed requests for reviews of the scientific literature increased by 34%, and electronic subscriptions to literature compilation services increased by 23%.


Conclusions: CDC's scientific output and information use via the CDC Library are both increasing. Researchers and field staff are making greater use of literature review services and other customized information content delivery. Virtual public health library access is an increasingly important resource for the scientific practice of public health.