Infertility, Nursing Care



  1. Devine, Kit S. MSN, ARNP


Increasing numbers of women are seeking infertility services. In light of this, it is important that professional nurses learn about infertility treatments and options, for the public looks to nurses for guidance in all aspects of healthcare. This article describes the systematic assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of the nursing process for women who are involved in infertility evaluation and interventions. Much of the basic work-up for infertility can be accomplished by a generalist (OB/GYN, CNM, or nurse practitioner), but if the patient does not conceive in a few months, referral to an infertility specialist is essential. Women need help to understand the possibilities as well as the limitations of current therapies for infertility. The toll that the emotional roller coaster of infertility takes on women and their partners can be devastating so those caring for them must be prepared to address that aspect of the experience. The nurse must be prepared to help the infertile woman deal with crushing disappointment and grief when cycles fail or pregnancies end in the early stages. The caring aspect of professional nursing is an essential component of meeting the special needs of these patients.