Community healthcare, Parenting, Postpartum, Self-assessment



  1. Keys, Elizabeth M. BSc, BN, RN, CCHN(C)
  2. McNeil, Deborah A. PhD, MN, BScN
  3. Wallace, Donna A. BN, RN, MCEd
  4. Bostick, Jason MSc
  5. Churchill, A. Jocelyn MN, RN, LCCE, FACCE
  6. Dodd, Maureen M. BA, CTP


Purpose: To design and establish content and face validity of an evidence-informed tool that promotes parental self-reflection during the transition to parenthood.


Study Design and Methods: The New Parent Checklist was developed using a three-phase sequential approach: Phase 1 a scoping review and expert consultation to develop and refine a prototype tool; Phase 2 content analysis of parent focus groups; and Phase 3 assessment of utility in a cross-sectional sample of parents completing the New Parent Checklist and a questionnaire.


Results: The initial version of the checklist was considered by experts to contain key information. Focus group participants found it useful, appropriate, and nonjudgmental, and offered suggestions to enhance readability, utility, as well as face and content validity. In the cross-sectional survey, 83% of the participants rated the New Parent Checklist as "helpful" or "very helpful" and 90% found the New Parent Checklist "very easy" to use. Open-ended survey responses included predominantly positive feedback. Notable differences existed for some items based on respondents' first language, age, and sex. Results and feedback from all three phases informed the current version, available for download online.


Clinical Implications: The New Parent Checklist is a comprehensive evidence-informed self-reflective tool with promising content and face validity. Depending on parental characteristics and infant age, certain items of the New Parent Checklist have particular utility but may also require further adaptation and testing. Local resources for information and/or support are included in the tool and could be easily adapted by other regions to incorporate their own local resources.