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  1. Greenberg, Judith B. PhD
  2. Bloom, Frederick R. PhD
  3. Coles, F. Bruce DO
  4. Asbel, Lenore E. MD
  5. Goldberg, Martin BS
  6. Braxton, Jim R. AA, AS, ABCP
  7. Brackbill, Robert M. PhD, MPH


This article summarizes sexually transmitted disease (STD) knowledge, health care-seeking behaviors, and perceived advantages to seeking care from the perspective of 397 STD clinic clients interviewed between 1997 and 1999 in three northeastern cities. More than half reported a prior STD. Mean days delay in seeking treatment was 10.8. Reasons for delay included lack of knowledge especially about symptoms (44%) and inconvenience, especially clinic hours (46%). Major disadvantages to receiving care centered around embarrassment and stress (24%). Programs need to develop more intensive counseling for repeat clients, offer more flexible hours, address sources of stress inherent in their services, and develop better marketing strategies. Successful behavioral interventions, behavioral training, and creative approaches from the popular literature may be helpful.