community-based research, neighborhood-level databases



  1. Howell, Embry M.
  2. Pettit, Kathryn L.S.
  3. Ormond, Barbara A.
  4. Kingsley, G Thomas


The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP), a collaborative effort, uses local information in community building and policy making. A local intermediary in 19 NNIP partnership cities builds local data systems. Partners have learned five important lessons: (1) neighborhood-level data are essential for developing public policy, (2) technological advances have made it possible to maintain detailed local databases at relatively low cost, (3) various types of local organizations can serve as local partners, (4) good leadership is critical to building bridges across agencies, and (5) providing data is only the first step. Data must be used in ways that are visible, useful, and responsive to the community if the project is to succeed.