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  1. Wallace, Taylor C. PhD


Bone undergoes continuous remodeling; therefore, an adequate supply of amino acid and mineral substrate is needed to support the formation and maintenance of bone across the life span. Although a considerable amount of research has been given to the type and amount of dietary protein intake necessary to achieve optimal bone health, authoritative bodies have varying recommendations around intake, largely established on nonbone health outcomes and/or early nitrogen-balance studies. The relationship of dietary protein intake and bone health has sparked intense debate for many decades, and there are inconsistencies in how healthcare providers counsel patients about protein in relation to bone health and prevention of osteoporosis. However, a recent series of investigations from various researches and leading bone health societies have contradicted these early hypotheses and led to a clearer understanding of the role dietary protein plays in optimizing bone health across the life span. This article reviews the existing evidence to date and summarizes a recent webinar cohosted by the American Society for Nutrition and American Bone Health.