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  1. Heimburger, Douglas C. MD, MS
  2. Hermann, Mindy MBA, RDN
  3. McClung, James P. PhD
  4. McGuire, Michelle K. PhD
  5. Rasmussen, Kathleen M. ScD, RD
  6. Troy, Lisa M. PhD
  7. Young, Sera L. PhD, MA


Graduate nutrition training in the United States prepares graduates for careers in academia, industry, and government and nongovernment sectors by enhancing critical thinking skills and providing specific technical skills necessary for doctoral-level employment. However, it is often not designed to develop skills in leadership that are key to fully successful careers. The Dannon Institute's Nutrition Leadership Institute was initiated in 1998 to provide leadership training to fill this gap and to enable early-career nutrition scientists to achieve their career goals. After 20 years of experience with the Nutrition Leadership Institute, this article describes the program's genesis and evolution, captures its key features and principal outcomes as expressed by alumni, and highlights its value to its participants and the larger nutrition community.