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  1. Gomez, Stephanie A. Q. PhD
  2. Bullock, Steven H. DPT, MA
  3. Santo, Theresa J. PhD, MPH
  4. Korona-Bailey, Jessica A. MPH
  5. McDannald, Jennifer J. MPH
  6. Resta, John J. MCE, MS


The US Army Public Health Center (APHC) adopted the National Association of County and City Health Officials' (NACCHO) Roadmap to a Culture of Quality (CoQ) Improvement framework to define its current culture and adapted the NACCHO's Organizational CoQ Self-Assessment Tool for applicability to a federal agency and workforce. More than 500 Civilian and Military personnel completed the self-assessment in October 2017. The results indicated that the APHC was categorized in the third of six total phases of the NACCHO's Roadmap to a CoQ (Phase 3: Informal or Ad Hoc QI Activities), which generated 13 transitional strategies to advance the APHC toward a CoQ. The APHC demonstrated that a federal public health organization can use and apply results from currently available self-assessment tools and frameworks related to a CoQ. By doing so, the APHC is optimizing its ability to ensure America's Soldiers and the Army Family receive essential and effective public health services.