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  1. Halverson, Paul K. DrPH, FACHE
  2. Yeager, Valerie A. DrPH
  3. Menachemi, Nir PhD, MPH
  4. Chapple-McGruder, Theresa PhD
  5. Moffatt, Sharon MS, BSN
  6. Baker, Edward L. MD, MPH
  7. Boedigheimer, Steven F. MBA
  8. Tilson, Hugh MD, DrPH
  9. Castrucci, Brian C. DrPH, MA
  10. Gould, Elizabeth PhD
  11. Jacinto, Corey M. MPH
  12. Mays, Glen PhD, MPH


State health officials (SHOs) lead state governmental public health agencies, playing an important role in their states. However, little comprehensive research has examined SHOs or characteristics of these leaders, limiting evidence about ways to improve SHO selection and subsequent performance. This brief describes the methods of the SHO-CASE study focused on current and former SHOs in state public health agencies. Methods used include qualitative components that informed the development of survey questions, survey administration, and survey response. A total of 147 SHOs responded to the SHO survey representing every state and Washington, District of Columbia. The SHO-CASE study survey database represents the most comprehensive database of its kind regarding a range of attributes of current and former SHOs. These data can be used to explore factors contributing to SHO success including valuable insights into effectively working with the states' elected officials.