1. Lipman, Terri H. PhD, CRNP, FAAN
  2. Tiedje, Linda Beth PhD, RN, FAAN

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Fiore, M. C., Croyle, R. T., Curry, S. J., Cutler, C. M., Davis, R. M., Gordon, C., et al. (2004).American Journal of Public Health, 94, 205-210.


Recent publications in nursing journals remind us of the extent of the burden imposed by tobacco use in our culture. The evidence-based connection between tobacco addiction and health is clear: tobacco remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and health effects of tobacco are inflicted disproportionately on people of lower socioeconomic status and members of racial/ethnic groups. This article summarizes the recommendations of a U. S. Department of Health and Human Services subcommittee report "A National Action Plan for Tobacco Cessation," and should be required reading for all healthcare providers. The 10 recommendations for helping millions of American stop using tobacco are as follows: (1)Establish a federally-funded National Tobacco Quitline network to provide universal access to evidence-based counseling and medications; (2) Launch a comprehensive, multifaceted media campaign to encourage cessation; (3) Provide insurance coverage for tobacco-dependence treatment for 100 million federal beneficiaries; (4) Invest in a new research infrastructure to improve the reach, effectiveness, and adoption of interventions across both individuals and populations; (5) Create a new training infrastructure to ensure that all healthcare providers have the knowledge, tools, and systems to intervene with smokers; and (6) Establish a smokers' health fund by increasing cigarette taxes to pay for the action plan. The final four recommendations relate to public-private partnership efforts to mobilize health insurers, health systems, and communities to maximize the success of the action plan. Which recommendation are you inspired to work on? If each of us would do one small thing to help the action plan succeed, 3 million premature deaths would be prevented. What a challenge!! What an opportunity!!


Comment by Linda Beth Tiedje