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  1. Frattaroli, Shannon PhD, MPH
  2. Pollack Porter, Keshia PhD, MPH
  3. Omaki, Elise MHS
  4. Vernick, Jon S. JD, MPH
  5. Gielen, Andrea C. ScD, ScM


The gap between evidence and policy is a challenge that can be bridged through strategic outreach and translation efforts. We developed and disseminated the Resource for State Policy Makers (the Resource) to lessen the information gap between state policy makers and injury prevention researchers in Maryland. Our goal was to produce and disseminate a resource for policy makers that could be replicated by public health professionals in other states and regions. The Maryland Department of Health assumed production of the Resource in 2017, with assistance from our team. Several states and regions have replicated the Resource for their own jurisdictions. This experience provides an informative case example of one approach to increasing the role of evidence in policy making.